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Peppermint is committed to helping the environment and continuously strives to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We recognise that our bars have a large impact on the environment and it’s critical that we play our part.

Our aim is to raise awareness and continually develop our environmental policies and systems in order to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment. We aim to be one of the most environmentally event bar companies in the UK.

For every litre you drink we will fund the delivery of at least a litre of clean drinking water to a community in the developing world via ‘drop4drop’ – Through this relationship we have donated over 2 million litres of clean drinking water so far to third world countries.

Our Commitment at Events

  • We work with our clients to use products in an environmentally-sensitive way by choosing the least harmful and most environmentally-efficient materials and products including:
  • Fully recyclable plastic cups (with environmental messages)
  • Recycling “Cans 4 Cups” scheme
  • 10p cup deposit scheme – encouraging recycling
  • Bio degradable & recyclable packaging
  • Bio degradable & recyclable paper cups
  • Re-useable/washable plastic pint cups
  • Recycling of glass bottles

We assess the overall environmental impact of the event and endeavour to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary transport by using local suppliers and car sharing policies for staff
  • Use suppliers who have a positive, pro-active environmental policy
  • Raise awareness by encouraging and training employees on the importance of our environmental impact at events.

Our Commitment in the Office

  • Our entire office is powered by 100% Green energy
  • We are undertaking a scheme to make Peppermint Events Carbon Neutral
  • We rigorously recycle all of our office waste
  • Most of our publicity and marketing material is in digital form
  • We are working towards the goal of a paper-free office and only use recycled paper when printing is necessary and actively encourage and provide paper-free transactions
  • Our policy is constantly developing and this is by no means an exhaustive list

To find out more about our work with Life Water, click on the links below:

If you wish to make suggestions on how we can further improve our environmental policy, please contact us we are constantly looking for new suggestions.

2 Million Litres of Clean Drinking Water Donated By Peppermint and Life Water