10 Brilliant Brand Activations: Part 1

Festivals are quickly becoming the place for brands to activate. Whether they’re promoting a product, service or lifestyle, many brands are aspiring to create unique and exciting brand experiences, which are worth sharing both online and offline. Before the festival season kicks off, we’re taking a look at some of our favourite brand activations from recent years, in no particular order.  

Check out Part 1 below – Part 2 will follow next Friday, so keep your eyes peeled…

1. Hunter’s #BeAHeadliner, Glastonbury 2013

We’re kicking off our top 10 with a simple but effective activation from Hunter at Glastonbury 2013. The activation began before festival-goers had even arrived at Glastonbury. Hunter promo staff parked a large Hunter van on the side of the road into the festival, where festival goers were queuing in their cars.

They approached them with a simple offer: hand over your old worn wellies, in return for brand new pair of red Hunter wellies. And as if that wasn’t generous enough…the old wellies were then donated to British Red Cross! Over 5000 pairs of the red wellies were handed out, meaning you couldn’t go anywhere in Glastonbury without seeing them. A shareable experience at its simplest.

Hunter’s #beaheadliner

2. H&M at Coachella, 2015

Last year, high street brand H&M created a one-off line for the US festival Coachella. The line, H&M at Coachella was introduced in a pop-up shop, which also stocked pieces from other H&M collections. The pop-up shop offered air con, water and free wifi, serving as a sanctuary for shoppers wanting to escape the Californian sunshine.

H&M at Coachella


H&M at Coachella

3. Strongbow Tree, 2015 

In 2015, Heineken brand Strongbow launched a 12-metre high tree pop-up at both Isle of Wight and Parklife music festivals. The unique activation included a bar, seating, a photo booth, face painters and an apple-shaped DJ booth that hosted a number of top acts. The tree was designed to be seen from any part of the festival and even featured a light laser show at night. As pop-up bars go, this one definitely catches our eye!

More info:

Strongbow Tree

4. EE Charging Bull, Glastonbury 2015 

At Glastonbury last year, EE created an activation designed to solve one of the biggest festival headaches for anyone (with a mobile phone): getting internet coverage. The activation took the form of a full size ‘charging bull’ in the company’s brand colours, which acted as both a double-speed wi-fi hotspot and Power Bar charging station. The bold use of distinct brand colours meant the bull could be spotted and located from far away.

More info:


EE Charging Bull

5. Personal’s Rhythmical Potties, Personal Fest 2013

One of the most unique activations we’ve seen was created by mobile brand Personal, for their festival Personal Fest. Personal looked to the most undesirable part of any festival – the loos – to create their activation, Personal Potties. Back in 2013, Personal transformed one of the busiest yet most unpleasant parts of any festival, the portaloos, into musical instruments.

The Rhythmical Potties were designed to make music and light up when occupied, to help out those in the queue and bring a fun element to a typically boring wait. Each cubicle made a different sound, which created a nice harmony when heard altogether. This quirky activation is not one of the most glamourous we’ve seen, but it’s certainly one of the most useful!

More info:

That’s the first part of our round-up complete – come back next Friday for five more fantastic activations!

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