5 Reasons why drinking out trumps taking a crate home

There’s one thing Brits love – possibly more than any other nation on earth: their local pub. Just over the past couple of years, as pubs have gone under in the financial crisis, people have rallied together to bail out their local. It’s become as integral a part of our communities as your local park or job centre.

So while the supermarkets may be ploughing ahead with their cheap beer crate offers and discounted wine,let’s spare a moment for drinking out. A thought for all those moments with friends in stylish bars; the laughs you shared with a mate queuing for that cold lager at last year’s festival; and, of course, sitting at the bar of your local with a rum n’ coke, nibbling on some pork scratchings.

Without further-a-do, here’s five reasons why drinking out trumps bringing a crate home…

1, Beers on draught and wine-by-the-glass

While we often take both of these for granted, these are two reasons you can’t make up when you’re at home.

Every man and woman knows beer on draught is the way a pint is supposed to be drunk. It pours the perfect head and any bar or pub doing it right will serve it the temperature it was born to be served at. This kind of perfect beer is only available across the bar.

And for you wine drinkers, we all know once the bottle is opened at home the stopwatch kicks off to finish it before it goes bad. Sometimes you don’t want that kind of pressure, so why not take a wander down your local and enjoy a glass of something extra special instead?

2, The social buzz where your best ideas bloom

C’mon, admit it! When we’re down the pub with friends, we always have our best ideas. Let’s be honest, having a laugh about a new idea is nine times out of ten the best way to get excited about it.

Who knows, you might even be the world’s next Richard Branson.

3, Trying something new

This one’s fairly obvious, but nonetheless a vital shout out. When you’re in the supermarket you buy what you already know you’re going to like. It’s like some sort of contract you have with yourself: I’ll buy this one because, let’s face it, I’m the one who’s got to lug it home.

It’s not like that when you’re out and about. Instead, most bars will let you try something before you buy it – and you’re far more likely to run into an all-new selection than you are at those chain off licences and supermarkets.

It may just turn out to be your new tipple.

4, Laughing out loud

I’m not saying you can’t have a good laugh at home, but out and about you’re always increasing your chances.

Clubs are set for comic disasters and dancing worthy of YouTube fame; pubs are just waiting for the kind of conversation you only have when you burst out your shell over the frothy head of a Guinness; and festival or event bars are the place you take the weight off your feet for a hearty catch up.

No better place to laugh, eh?

 5, Meeting your next best friend

Whether you’re getting on with the bar staff like a house on fire, or you’re being charmed by a co-drinker’s stories, drinking out is one of the world’s best places to meet new people.

You’ll meet some characters, you may even meet your hero, and who knows, you might even wander into your next best friend.

So put down that crate and head on out. There’s a world out there just waiting for you.


Written By Ben Franks, Edited by Laura Thompson

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