A Guide to Working at Summer Events in the UK

Whether you’re a student looking for some extra cash or just waiting for that perfect job to come your way, working at an event is a great opportunity to earn some readies whilst having a great time. Usually when you’re not working your able to enjoy the event free of charge whatever it might be. The hiring process usually takes place months in advance so applications for events taking place next summer should be sent around January 2014.

There are now thousands of events and festivals taking place in the UK mainly during the summer months all in need of reliable staff to help out. Positions such as bar staff, security, stewards, food servers, ticket distributers, programme sellers and grounds keepers are needed depending on the event.

Bianca Harrisskitt, 19, student from Luton, worked selling programmes in the Olympic park last summer. She said: “Working at the London Olympics was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I get to work with some amazing people but I had the honour of being a part of one of the most momentous events that Great Britain has seen in recent years. The electric atmosphere, patriotic spectators and inspiring sense of community in the Olympic Park made it an experience that I will never forget.”

Although the Olympic Games have long finished, Olympic venues across the UK are still hosting events. Check out the website to see what events are being held in Stratford’s Olympic Park to work in the historic grounds the worlds eyes were watching last summer.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and take on less desirable roles such as toilet attendants, cleaning and clear-ups following events. These jobs sometimes pay more to attract a higher amount of applicants to fill the positions. Karis Blumsom, 20, sales assistant, from High Wycombe, worked at the Henley Royal Regatta last year as a toilet attendant, she said: “I’m glad I took the toilet attendant job because it paid more than the other jobs and it wasn’t hard work at all. I got to watch loads of rowing races and it was actually quite fun.”

My own experiences were working in the Wimbledon shop last year. For such events training days are to be expected which include the issuing of uniforms. This is the fun bit! At Wimbledon we were given Wimbledon merchandise clothing or even Ralph Lauren clothing for some which we were allowed to keep afterwards.

My highlight was going to work every day and feeling privileged to be working at Wimbledon, although, watching tennis matches; getting free strawberries and cream from the HSBC stand and celeb spotting in the grounds were also perks of the job! So why not enjoy the ambiance without waiting for hours in the dreaded queue or having to splurge on a ticket.

The team spirit and camaraderie took us to the local pubs of Wimbledon village after work which were buzzing full of other staff members but be careful not to splash too much of your hard earnt cash on the pricey drinks there.

Most event’s organisers like to know their staff are reliable so will re-hire the same staff year after year as well as the new recruits so it might just pay dividends to bother filling in the long-winded application forms to work at an event next summer.

Check out our article on what it’s like to work behind a bar at a festival. If this something you’d be interested in, make sure you register at Peppermint Staffing or volunteer with our sister company, Festival Volunteer.

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