Bar Consultancy


Bar Consultancy Services

Over the past 15 years Peppermint has delivered bar services to over 400 events and festivals. Everything from top-end corporate events in London venues, to boutique music Festivals to mass-serve solutions at sports events for 85,000 people.

In that time we’ve learnt a lot.

Our new consultancy service allows you to dial into this wealth of experience – whether you are looking for help in the planning stages only or you are looking for operational support on the ground, we are here to help.

Our approach is to help you unlock your bars’ potential – whether your priority is the best financial return or the best customer experience, or both! It’s what we do. Every day.

Perhaps you run your bars in house? Or you are just starting out and need some advice with bar design and layout? Perhaps you need some support with brand sponsorship? Or you need someone to crunch the numbers to ensure you are buying at the best price? Where do you start with license applications or H & S paperwork? Our new consultancy team is here to support you every step of the way.


Examples of bar consultancy services include:

See below just some examples of some of the services we provide. This is by no means an exhaustive list! In short, we can take care of every element, from license application to post event reporting and reconciliation, or even just provide great experienced event & bar managers.

  • Creative bar concepts & bar layout design solutions including 2D/3D designs, rendering and walkthroughs. In house production / fabrication solutions.
  • Gross margin blend assessment , range analysis and recommendations
  • Pre event budgeting/forecasting. Post event variance analysis.
  • Drinks per server per hour analysis / meterage calculations
  • Licensing – PLH training, applications (premises, TENS), license appeals/reviews
  • H & S packs – method statements, risk assessments, event plans
  • Operational efficiency evaluation scoring
  • Range vs speed of service modelling
  • Front and back bar design. Menu psychology analysis
  • Loss prevention processes including stock counts/recon and cash recon processes
  • Logistics support including lorry load planning, vehicle scheduling
  • Draught installations. Back of house setup
  • Advice on electronic point of sale (EPOS) solutions
  • Sponsorship / brand partner solutions
  • Access to our entire fleet of mobile bars, bar equipment, furniture, themed bars, EPOS


How does it work?

One size does not fit all. Every one of our clients’ requirement are different to the next.

The Consultancy service is a completely white-label B2B solution – as far as your customer’s are concerned it is you operating the bars, we do not come with any company branding either on site or in the documentation we produce for you. Furthermore, we guarantee (via an NDA) that any data or information is kept strictly confidentially.

So, how does it work?

  1. Give us a call to chat through your project (completely free service)
  2. We send you a proposal & costings within agreed timeframe
  3. We come to visit your site (if required)
  4. We deliver you a full, actionable report within agreed timeframe
  5. We help to deliver the first operational stage of project (if required)
  6. You sit back and watch the results!

Let’s talk today.