Battle of the Beers: Tiger VS Cobra Eastern Lagers

If you’re a lager drinker, chances are you’ve already discovered how well lager and a decent curry go down. But by far the best of the bunch when it comes to lager and curry matches are the Asian lager juggernauts Tiger and Cobra.

Serve both of them chilled and enjoy their trademark extra-smoothness, light body and impressively-dominant malted character. While they’re both pitch-perfect when it comes to drinking with a curry, they’ll also do wonders on their own as easy-drinking “not-too-bloaty” lagers.

But which is better?

As Harry Hill said a number of times over the years, there’s only one way to find out…

Round One – Appearance

Both Tiger and Cobra look near enough the same in a standard tall pint-glass. Tiger has a much frothier head and speedier bubble movement in the body, which, despite looking more appealing, suggests a lighter body and a more bloating effect.

In comparison, the Cobra pours pretty much no head and is a smidgen more dense and golden in colour. The bubbles move slowly, too. So while you might not have that attractive beer head, it looks much smoother and more flavourful.

Winner: COBRA

Round Two – Aromas

This being a lager battle, there’s not really much to go on here. Well, not really anything at all. You get more of the water side than anything else, with Tiger giving you little hints of bread and malted barley.

Cobra’s pretty much along the same lines but a little zestiness is there as well – albeit the flavour of Cobra overall is much more mellow on the nose.

Winner: TIGER

Round Three – Drinking the Stuff

Finally, the fun part! Tiger is actually pretty full for a lager on the palette and it bites you with cool refreshment in every nook and cranny of the mouth. It’s smooth, not really at all bloating (although it would be after a couple of the 64cl bottles), and has a bit of a wholemeal bread note too. It lingers well and definitely quenches thirst, so a good all-rounder.

Cobra is not as refreshing, but has much more punch when it comes to flavour. There’s a creaminess, sort of digestive biscuit character and then a big plunge of spring water that makes it impossibly smooth down the throat. Great stuff…

…but, there can be only one winner. While I think Cobra will always be my number one choice with a curry, in terms of great quality, smooth lager to drink on its own, there’s only one winner. That’s Tiger. Full, startling refreshment and a great example of top Asian lager-brewing.



Written & Photography by Ben Franks,, @Writer_Franks

Edited by: Laura Thompson 


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