Battle of the Mojitos

It’s simply no argument that the most famous cocktail in bars around the world is the mojito. In fact, according to a 2014 report, the mojito is the most popular cocktail in Britain. Originating from Cuba, the original recipe is a refreshing and sweet drink consisting of white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint. Traditionally, it’s served in a highball glass.

However, a local bar is going against the trend to bring its customers a mojito with a characterful twist. Two luxurious takes on the classic cocktail, the Lemon & Elderflower Citrus Mojito and The Thomas Mojito Royale, are being snapped up by punters who love the classic.

Their citrus mojito simply trades lime juice for lemon peel and more zest, creating a fresh and clear mojito with an extra zesty punch. The result is a refreshing, pleasurable cocktail that suits the summer months almost as perfectly as the original recipe. If you’re a fan of elderflower, the classic G&T, or lemonade, you’ll love this.

But with The Thomas Mojito Royale something extra special has happened with the classic mojito. It trades sparkling water for the biscuity lees flavours of excellent high-end champagne; it moves away from clean white rum to full and dark Brugal Extra Viejo rum; finally, the addition of Chase elderflower liqueur instead of lime juice is the “cherry on top” luxury finish.

Served in a tumbler glass rather than the classic highball, it’s also a cocktail that reflects its new full body on the palette. The Thomas Mojito Royale is still as refreshing as the classic but you get so much more flavour. The experience – as a whole – is far more fulfilling.

Again serve with mint and crushed ice; stir well. A perfect cocktail for the champagne admirer and cocktail connoisseur.


Written by Ben Franks,, @Writer_Franks

Photography by Niamh Harkett

Edited by Laura Thompson 



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