Beer with Grub: Mad Goose Pale Ale and Salmon

There’s plenty of stuff on the web about food and wine matching. But what about us beer lovers?

Famously, beer is curry’s best friend. Malty lagers just seem to match with spicy character in a way wines and many other drinks don’t. And yet that’s all we seem to give beer credit for when it comes to food, so I thought I’d take a look at some of the best beer and grub matches outside of curry that you can try at home.

This time it’s matching the zesty and smooth Mad Goose, from Purity Brewing – a young brewery in the Warwickshire countryside. Mad Goose is light, bright and copper in colour with a fair alcohol content of 4.2%; it’s easy drinking on its own, but it’s even better with salmon.

Salmon with a crispy skin and cooked in a plentiful butter sauce is crying out for the citrus force of Mad Goose pale ale.

But we can go one step further. Instead of just chilling down the Mad Goose pale ale, try freezing the ale. Then leave the ale to rest until it’s like slush puppy in texture. What you get is icy, full flavoured and peaty-like zest that feels like it should be part of the salmon dish itself.

So whether your salmon looks as good as the Michelin-star dish in the photo I was lucky enough to try at the Bath Priory Hotel or not, I guarantee once you try this match you’ll realise why beer has the character to match some of the world’s finest wines.


Written & photographed by Ben Franks,, @Writer_Franks

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