Best Family Festivals in 2013

With the summer and festival season fast approaching, it’s time to get organised. Are you a festival veteran but have let this part of your lifestyle fade away due to starting a family? Or are you unsure that a festival atmosphere is a suitable place for children? Have your own crazy festival experiences planted a seed of doubt in your mind?

Well, we are here to run through the pros of taking your children to a festival and 2013’s best line-up of Festivals which are family friendly.

What are the benefits of taking your kids to a festival?

There’s no denying that taking your children to a festival can be hard work (to say the least); kids running off, moaning that they are hungry, missing the bands you want to see because they clash with kids entertainment. However, a festival is full of learning experiences and bundles of fun for your children. It offers an opportunity for children to enrich themselves in a different culture, be creative and see another lifestyle which in normal day to day life they will not necessary be able to experience. But obviously it is important to choose the right festival for you and your family, whether you think you could only manage a day festival or are adventurous enough to take on a 3 camping event.

Camp Bestival

Even though Camp Bestival is a 4 day festival, it is renowned for its family vibe. If you are thinking on a fun UK getaway this summer with the family, then Camp Festival is definitely worth bearing in mind. There is a huge range of kid’s entertainment at Camp Bestival, with a huge part of their site being devoted to children’s entertainment; your little ones will be far from bored. In short your kids can get involved in a fancy dress parade, ballet, kids yoga, face painting, dance battles, sports, watch musical and more! There tickets for 2013 are now on sale and can be brought from their website. It’s also important to note that they have a meeting point for kids if your child goes adventuring and high on security.

Just so Festival

If your festival selection is preliminary down to your children’s needs then ‘Just so Festival’ could be for you and your family. It is held on the 16th – 18th August 2013 and has a range of activities and amusements during the weekend. This festival really caters for the younger generation; it has a baby change area, baby bath time, baby-feeding area and more. Your kids can do a spot of lantern making, get involved in some sporting activities, be in a band for a day, become a fairy for a day and lots lots more!


If you are a hard-core festival goer and want your children to have a taster of what a real festival is like then why not venture to Glastonbury. With its return in 2013, it is packed with endless amount top acts and again, is full of activities for your off springs. They have a dedicated field for children called the ‘Kidz Field’ with a helter skelter, climbing walls, wooden ships and alternative entertainment and activities for children. But with this being a much larger event don’t’ forget to keep a closer eye on your children; with big crowds it’s easily for children to get lost. It also might be worth considering camping in the quieter, less crowded family camping area. However there are no crèche facilities at Glastonbury.

Magic Loungeabout

The Magic Loungeabout festival is quite simply what it says in the name, it’s a festival which enables you to ‘loungeabout’, relax, chill out and unwind. This year they have pulled out all the stops to ensure its status as a child friendly festival. They have a whole new programme of activities, workshops, kid’s loos, breast feeding and baby care tent. If you want to experience a fun but chilled out festival with your family this summer, then Magic Loungeabout is definitely worth considering. And better still, kid’s tickets are still free.

Festivals voted Best Family Festival at the UK Festival Awards..


Latitude Festival was not only crowned winners of Best Family Festival at the 2012 UK Festival Awards but they are nominated for ‘Best Festival’ for the NME 2013 awards, so we are expected great things from this festival this year. Another thumbs up to latitude is that last year they were given the ‘green’ light when it comes to be environmentally friendly and were granted a three star Industry Green rating for their 2012 event. Latitude offers huge range of activities to keep your children entertained – day and night. They have a children’s area for your little ones, and then an ‘Inbetweeners Teen area’ for your not so little ones. Their presale weekend tickets in the Family camping are on sale now.

Beautiful Days Festival

The Beautiful Days festival was voted the winner of Best Family Festival at the UK Festival Awards in 2011. It is a family music festival situated in Escort Park, in the heart of Devon. It offers a chilled out weekend of camping with a mix of live music performances, comedy, walkabout theatre, family camping, a healing area and most importantly; a huge children’s area in the centre of the field.  Their children’s area has been co-ordinated by Majical Youth Theatre who offer children a wide range of activities and workshops over the weekend. This includes arts and crafts, dressing up, a circus, storytelling and lots more! This year the event is being held on the 16th -18th August 2013.

I hope this article has given you an insight into the world of festivals for children and families. Remember that there is no age restriction on attending your first festival, so why not get your children in the festival spirit this summer. Keep an eye out on our next blogs as we will be sure to update the latest festival news.

Do you have other family festivals that you recommend? Please let us know by commenting below!

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