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How to work at a festival?

Are you being bombarded with AMAZING line-ups for festivals this Summer’13 but just don’t have the financial means to fund a festival experience as a festival goer. The cost of attending a festival can add up; firstly it’s the initial payment for the ticket, then travel, food, alcohol and camping gear etc. Well why not volunteer or work at a festival? No major festival could function without bar staff, stewards, security, catering staff and other essential staff who contribute to a smooth running of a festival.

Working at a festival can be an awesome experience in itself – you get to work with people who have similar interests to yourself and make great friends, the atmosphere is always buzzing with festival goers and workers in good spirits because their favourite bands are playing in the background. If you are looking for some temporary work over the summer then volunteering or working at a festival could be your answer. The majority of the work is voluntary, and often work for their tickets instead of getting a wage – often to the benefit of a charity such as Oxfam. However there are opportunities to work at festivals also.


Volunteering at a festival is a great way to get to a festival. It not only gains you your ticket to your desired festival but some companies even  give you a meal or drink a day when you work a shift. Every little helps aye!  If you want to make the most of the festival experience and are not there to earn money then Volunteering really is the perfect option.

Festival Volunteer

Why not volunteer at some great events and festivals this year with Festival Volunteer. Festival Volunteer is a unique opportunity to get you to some of the UK’s best music festivals and get you some work experience. Festival Volunteer works by you giving up some of your time and working behind the Festival Bar and then you get to enjoy the festival for free. You just need to put down a deposit and your free to volunteer at many festivals over the summer. You don’t necessarily have to have any bar experience before you apply as they train you on site. This allows you to build upon your working experience and gain some key skills for the future; it is the perfect summer working experience. Pull a pint at festivals such as Bestival, Secret Garden Part, BoomTown Fair and Glade in return for a free ticket.


Volunteer with Oxfam is a fantastic way to gain new skills, raise money for a great charity and work with a diverse group of people.  By volunteering with Oxfam you need to give up some of your time by stewarding, campaigning for Oxfam, or working at one of their Oxfam festival shops. You can volunteer with Oxfam to work at events such as Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and Latitude.

Litter Picking

Many festivals will use volunteers as litter pickers. It may not be the most glamorous job in the world but it does pay for your festival ticket. Some Litter picking roles are actually paid jobs so just investigate to see what you can find.

Paid Work

Getting paid to be at a festival, can this be right? Well yes, there are ways in which you get paid to work a festival. Working at festivals and being paid for it means that you generally will have to a few more hours than volunteers. Citrus Event Staffing and Peppermint Event Staffing offer job roles such as Bar Servers, Bar Managers, and Build Staff etc – if you have the right experience and attitude you can work at some of the UKs best festivals and get paid for it.

Are you working at any festivals this year?


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