British Vs American Festivals – Review on Coachella 2013

Coachella festival was described by Grazia this week as the “Festival for beautiful people”. This headline really in-captures the uniqueness of Coachella. Coachella is about being glam, looking stylish and if you attend Coachella then you are classed as pretty damn cool. Coachella is LA’s version of Glastonbury, minus the mud, rain and packed with celebrity A- listers.

Let’s face it – Going to a festival when it doesn’t rain can make it that much better; with the sun beating down, tunes playing in the background and a cider in your hand, it does reach near perfection. Not having to worry about wearing wet and muddy clothes for the rest of the festival or getting soaked when your queuing at a festival bar is a rarity at UK festivals. Coachella is Hollywood’s answer to Glastonbury but does it really beat Glastonbury?  There’s no denying that Coachella is an uber-cool and beautiful festival; situated in a spectacular desert surrounded by palm trees and mountains with temperatures soaring high, LA chicks supporting the finest bikini’s, showing off their tans and generally looking fabulous.  However, it seems that British festivals, especially Glastonbury, generally have the edge. Coachella saw a range of famous funky Brits including Rita Ora, Alexa Chung, Jaime Winstone, Pixie Geldof, Agyness Deyn, Henry Holland and Nick Grimshaw and even though they looked the part, enjoyed the non-camping aspect (some even VIP’d it up in super-style staying at Frank Sinatra’s former home) these young Brit’s partying was not quite as reserved, but we wouldn’t expect anything less.

This could be a reason why Coachella doesn’t quite meet the same standard as Glastonbury; drinking alcohol is only permitted in designated areas, which offer a distant view of the two main stages. Unlike British festivals where there is a range of bars for festival goers, and generally a main stage bar so you can get your drinks and be meters away from the stage. As well as having many bars at festivals, if you are camping for a few days at some festivals you are allowed to bring a certain amount of alcohol into the campsite, so you can enjoy a few drinks by your tent and then get more drinks at the festival bars if you wish. This just does not happen at festivals like Coachella. However, be careful when drinking at festivals and know your limits. For information about how many units are consumed by regular festival goers check out our previous article.

Another aspect which, for many, would not set British festivals above but the whole camping experience and being grotty for a few days is something deep down we love. Not getting muddy whilst attending a festival just seems wrong doesn’t it? Even though it may be a norm for Coachella festival-goers to stay in luxury camping sites, hotels or Frank Sinatra’s former home, it is just not the whole festival experience. The stories which arise from a truly wet, muddy Glastonbury weekend are not only entertaining but an experience you would not get anywhere else.

One thing that Coachella stands out for is its unbeatable fashionable vibe. It really does kick start the festival fashion and trends for the coming summer, with such hot A lists floating around the festival there is bound to be some style icons.

Alexa Chung, Britain’s style icon rocked Coachella in a laid back but uber stylish outfit.  Converses, denim shorts, a floral printed shirt, completed with cats-eye tortoiseshell sunglasses – showing that simplicity definitely works.


Katy Perry stayed true to her 1950’s style, wearing a pin-up style bra top and mini skirt by Dolce & Gabbana.





Pixie Geldof wore a cherry-print swimsuit and House of Holland sunglasses to attend the Nylon and BOSS Orange pool party in California. This is a fresh and summery choice, perfect for Coachella.


Rita Ora wore a Jeremy Scott top stating ‘Adults suck then you are one’, a baby pink skirt and Carrera by Safilo sunglasses at the Lacoste Live Party. If you want to stay on trend this festival season, check out Peppermint’s article on Festival fashion 2013!




So what do you think? Glastonbury VS Coachella. Does this super cool festy have the edge? Or do us Brit’s know how to put on a pretty decent festival?  

Unfortunately following the resale of cancelled tickets on Sunday, April 21st, tickets for Glastonbury 2013 are now sold out.  If you want to volunteer at some UK festivals this year Peppermint have some job opportunities either paid or volunteer, or check the article on ways of getting into a festival for free.

*Photographs from Vogue


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