Carbon Monoxide Detector – the festival essential that could save your life

There is a new essential to add to your list when packing to go to a festival, or on a camping trip – a carbon monoxide detector. Many people now have them in their homes but rarely do you see people packing them for their festivals.

It sounds like the idea of a hypochondriac but this is deadly serious. The gas is poisonous to humans but invisible, scentless and is produced from items you may use regularly on your camping trip, making it hard to know if you are at risk.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning occurs when gas or charcoal (or fuels like them) fail to fully combust due to a lack of oxygen in their surroundings. Tragically, many people die each year from breathing in the harmful toxins released in their gas cookers or barbeques which then gets trapped in the confined air of their tent and inhaled, usually whilst sleeping.

The fatalities usually happen when campers cook inside their tents, or leave a gas burner on inside the tent for heat or so it doesn’t get stolen from outside. Having a Carbon Monoxide detector in your tent will make you aware of any danger of poisoning and could save your life.

Early signs of poisoning include drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting and weakness. If you feel any of those symptom’s get out of your tent straight away and seek medical care. The best cure however, is always prevention, so having a detector inside your tent is a must during the festival season.


You can buy one online for as little as £4.40.

Stay safe Kid’s!

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