Digital Wristbands to Feature In UK Festivals

The use of  digital wristband technology has been discussed during a the second day of seminars at TheEvent Production Show.  In the first Access Session of the day, a panel of experts including suppliers and organisers addressed the impact that the technology could have on UK events.

RFID wristbands, that have the details of the wearer embedded within them through the use of a small chip, are set to become commonplace at UK festivals over the next few years following their success at major US events.

The wristbands help to combat counterfeiting, can help organisers to monitor crowd flow and can also be used as a cashless payment method.

Using kiosks located around a festival site, customers can top up their wristband with credit and use it to pay for services within the event.

The panel pointed out that although the theory behind the system is undoubtedly applicable, it still has to work out as a cost-effective service solution.

Other issues such as the storage and destruction of customer information held within the operations system also have to be addressed in order to comply with data protection.

US festivals including Coachella have successfully integrated the technology within their events and trials in the UK have yielded positive results and responses.


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