Do not miss events in April

From Easter happenings to hidden music festivals, here is an overview of what’s happening during the next month: feel free to add to the list by commenting below!


International Pillow Fight Day 

On saturday 5th April grab a pillow and join hundreds of other people in Trafalgar Square – remember to respect the simple rules: don’t hit people with a camera and don’t hit people without a pillow. The London’s event is organised by the Urban Playground Movement, but there will be pillow fights all over the globe. To find out where else you could go with your pillow check out the official website.  The event starts at 3 pm and will finish at St Jmaes’s park to recover from the fight!

Semana Santa

It means holy week – while this week is a big deal in most catholic Countries, this event is particulary impressive in Antigua (Guatemala) and Seville (Spain). This year is running from 13th to 20th of April, the celebration is normally characterised by impressive parades, penintents dressed up in purple robes, Christ’s statues and religious celebrations. Both cities get quite crowded during this week, so better to book in advance.

Coachella festival

Eternal enemy of our Glastonbury, the Coachella Valley music and arts festival runs for two weekends (11th – 13th and 18th-20th). Set in the fields of Indio, in Southern California, the festival is one of the most sought after music festivals as well as a hub for typical Californian population: from incognito Hollywood stars to tattoed hipsters and modern hippies. Tickets are obviously sold out and the line-up is outstanding, featuring artistst of the like of Pharrell Williams and Outkast. Large scale arts installations, art performances and restaurant pop-ups complete the atmosphere.

King’s day (ex Queen’s day)

For several years, people in the Netherlands and especially in Amsterdam, celebrated Queen Beatrix birthday in a particulary crazy way. The city was filled with crazy ravers,  a free market throughout the city (anyone can sell anything they like), live music, dense crowds and lots of beer. Last year, after 33 years on the throne the queen announced her abdication. So this year the first King’s day (on 26th April) will be celebrated: let’s see if the party will be as crazy! More info on the event can be found here.

Beltane Fire Festival

Althoug it is not the most summery destination in the UK, this festival takes place in Edinburgh and celebrates the beginning of summer. The celebration is inspired by a Gaelic tradition, and the modern version consists of a procession that culminates with a performance and a huge bonfire. Organised by the Beltane Fire Society, all info are available here.



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