Does the music matter?

Music surrounds us in all walks of life. Since time began music has existed in even the most segregated of cultures.  A song, tune or sound can bring back feelings and emotions of events or times that we thought we had long forgotten. Whether it was the theme tune to your favourite program as a child, your parents favourite song that you were forced to listen to everyday on the way to school or even the song you chose to dance to on your wedding day.

Music can be so powerful; it allows us to get lost in a state of enjoyment and contentment, helping us to forget the stresses of everyday life.

Atmosphere can be just as important. When negative, an atmosphere can ruin important moments and remind us of emotions that bring back bad memories but when positive, a great atmosphere can help to create an instant that a person will never forget.

Music and atmosphere matter, they help craft the moments in our lives that are most important. They are inescapable. But when it comes to music events and festivals, is it more about the festival experience and the atmosphere rather than which band is headlining?  As long as there is music and a festival atmosphere, the best band isn’t important, or is it?

Big acts are initially what sell the tickets, the bands which are playing is the ultimate decider for festival goers. If the band you have been waiting years to see is set to play, then regardless of what festival it is, you are going to want to get a ticket. Then again, it could be argued that it is the band or the act that creates the atmosphere by getting the crowd hyped up and excited, it is their responsibility.

But many festivals aren’t just music based, they have other performances and events going on within the festival, for example Glastonbury Festival not only boasts brilliant musical acts but is also a contemporary performing arts festival. With festivals like this, even those who aren’t too enthusiastic about music have something to enjoy which in itself this creates an atmosphere.

Most festivals create a buzzing atmosphere, everyone at the festival is excited and happy to be there and so the atmosphere is rarely negative. But some festivals claim to provide a better experience than others. Festivals that go beyond just offering musical acts to their audiences are the ones that usually create the best atmosphere as well as providing the best acts. It acts as a backbone to the whole festival, so that even if the line-up isn’t your cup of tea, your interests are catered for and so that the festival is recognised as an enjoyable event irrespective of the music.

Music and atmosphere are undoubtedly important factors to a festival but what really matters is how willing you are to enjoy yourself. Being open-minded and ready for a fun festival will be enough to ensure a brilliant experience.

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