Dressing up at festivals

The answer to the question “Why do you go to music festivals?” should be quite obvious – because we like the music, because our favourite artist is playing, because my friend got a ticket, because I go every year. One thing that we have missed on these answers is the “dressing up” part.

Not many may like to admit it, but what people are wearing at a festival is just as important as the music. On the one end, festivals are becoming more and more like catwalks and nests where new trends start(look back at our “Must haves for summer festival” piece, together with Asos’ guide to festival fashion) and on the other, we like to wear things that we would never wear on a normal day. From crazy and edgy make up (here some tips) to unusual outfits, at a festival we are free to express ourselves.

Marketing and psychology studies of festivals have proved that people see festivals as places where they can escape the everyday routine, be free from social restrictions, be themselves: that’s why wearing a stupid hat, a mask or a pink onesie is “allowed” at a festival. Actually, if you don’t put at least a bit of effort in crafing your outfit, you are missing out on the all “festival mood preparation”.

Whatever your ideas, it is important to plan in advance. Some fancy dressing webistes make it easier for you, crafting different outfits for various festival categories, but we obviously prefer creativity and DIY options (need inspiration? Ever heard of Pinterest?)

Bestival, one of the festival most well-known for its arty soul and the creativity of its participants, have put together and exclusive visual guide to the art of dressing up. You can order a copy online from their website – from dressing up inspiration, to portraits of the best outfits this is absolutely a must have for a dressing up addict.

Do you have any dressing up tip? What is your favourite festival outfit? Please comment and share!


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