Festival: Being Fashionable vs.Being Comfortable

It can feel like a fashion contest between festival-goers these days but who can really be bothered to lumber their entire wardrobe over a muddy field? Not us! It’s all about picking stylish pieces that can be easily interchangeable and offer ultimate comfort so you can focus on what you’re really there for – the music!

No fashion statement is worth compromising your comfort and ruining your weekend for but it’s a tricky balancing act to pull off. Looking bang on trend and feeling comfortable is easy if you know how, so here are our fashion-savvy festival style tips…

The crop top is both comfortable for when the weather hot’s up, yet still fashionable at the same time allowing you to feel and look your best. ASOS is great for festival clothing as there’s so much to choose from and there are loads of crops this season. A boho-hippie style crop top creates the ease of the festival outfit and looks great paired with high waisted shorts or a maxi skirt.

Don’t wear heals, even low ones! Hobbling around with sore feet and blisters is never a good look -opt for low ankle boots or western style cowboy boots. Not only do they look cute when paired with floaty floral dresses or denim shorts, but they’re much easier to walk in than heels, so it’s a win/win for comfort and style. Besides if the weather is less than perfect you don’t want your favorite heels sinking into a muddy field never to be seen again!

Festival fashion is taking a step back in time this year and 90s inspired trends are all the rage and thankfully it’s a rather comfortable fashion trend too. Invest in a pair of super short cut off denim acid wash shorts for relaxed easy to wear style. Team them with an oversize baggy t-shirt and blood red lipstick for a grungier look that will really get you noticed. For more on festival make-up tips check out our ‘Top Festival Make-Up Tips’ article.

Don’t forget to bring waterproofs, you can pick up a stylish rain mac from stores such as Topshop who have a range of cool patterns but practical materials. After all there’s nothing more uncomfortable than getting drenched by a downpour of rain and having to spending the rest of the weekend in sodden clothes.

Don’t forget your sunnies! There’s nothing more irritating when you’re trying to watch a band at a festival than the sun shining in your eyes. Make a fashion statement with classic aviators or wayfarerdesigns, which suit most face shapes. Look for some with complete UVA/UVB protection (usually a sticker on the lens) so you can be sure that they’re affectively shielding your eyes from the sun and your eyes don’t feel strained.


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