Festival Survival Guide

There is something about festivals that makes a person feel free. Completely absorbed in the buzzing surroundings, enjoying life, nothing else seems to matter but what is in the vicinity of the couple of fields around you. You are entirely free from the responsibilities and stress of everyday life and the only thing crossing your mind while you are stood ankle deep in mud with a beer in your hand and flowers in your hair, is what band you will be going to see next.

However, no one should throw their heart entirely in to a festival before they know what they must do and take to survive. Going to a festival blinded by excitement can spell out disaster. There isn’t a lot to remember but a few pointers on the less obvious things to take will ensure you get the best out of your festival.

1.       Mother is always right; don’t be daft, take a waterproof. We all know how pathetic the Great British weather is, even in July and August it’s more than likely to rain at least once while you’re at a festival.  Any festival goer who has been at festival while it’s rained will assure you that there is NOTHING worse than being cold and wet; it could possibly be the worst combination ever, so make sure you take a waterproof jacket that will keep you dry.

2.       Take Duck Tape, it WILL come in useful.  Unfortunately, at festivals, things tend to break. Being woken up by water pouring in on your head or your gazebo falling down after the first day is not the most ideal of situations to find yourself in. Duck Tape is strong and reliable and is a quick fix if things go wrong.

3.       Hopefully, it won’t be snowing but take a sledge anyway. The initial walk from where you get dropped off to the camping area can be a lot longer than you may expect. With lots of bags and heavy objects, this trek can be back-breaking; a sledge for all your stuff is the answer and will save  your much needed energy for jumping along to your favourite band for later .

 4.       Chewing Gum. This needs no explanation but to freshen yourself up in the morning, this is an essential.

 5.       A good ol’ band t-shirt.  Whether you’re male or female, showing a bit of love for your favourite band not only looks good but is much more comfy than most clothing. Don’t make too much of an effort with good garments, they can easily get ruined and who wants to look like they’ve tried hard anyway? The effortless and cool look is way better.

 6.       Don’t miss the band you’ve waited years to see; get a band itinerary. Put it round your neck as soon as you arrive and leave it there till the very end. It’s hard to know what time it is when you’re sat in the middle of a field but missing your favourite band will be undeniably devastating. Make sure you know when and where bands are playing and allow time to get to the stage to get a good position in the crowd. Some festivals provide itineraries on arrival but if not you can purchase one as soon as you get there.

These tips should assure that your festival will be the best it can be, with these under your wing all you’ll need to do when you get there is kick back and relax, prepared for whatever comes your way. If you want some top tips for getting served at the bar also check out our previous article!

What do you think is essential to survive at a festival?

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