Festival Volunteer’s Top Festival Tips!

Festival Volunteer put together their top festival tips for you. Let this be your essential guide to enjoying festivals this summer! If you’d like to Volunteer at a festival then make sure you’ve hit “Like” on the Festival Volunteer Facebook Page and they’ll let you know when registration opens in April. Let us know what you think of these tips and leave your own in a comment!

  •  Stop videoing.. starting dancing! YouTube doesn’t need another poor quality video of Florence + The Machine playing on some indecipherable stage two miles away. Take in the moment with your eyes, enjoy the Festival!
  •  Bring a pen & paper. Phone batteries don’t last forever, lost your friend? Leave a note in their tent. What was the name of that band you saw? Oh.. write it down!
  • Don’t like a main stage act? Don’t sit there and moan about it. There’s nothing more satisfying that seeing a live band before everyone jumps on the bandwagon.. so go and check out some of the smaller stages and you just might enjoy it!
  • Pack some bin bags – They’re great for tent repairs, emergency waterproof, seating to keep you dry and collecting trash. You’ll be grateful for it!
  • Take a disposable camera. Your iPhone battery has died.. no more retro Hipstamatic or Instagram prints. Do you want to carry a heavy, digital SLR around your neck for the whole festival? If you put it down somewhere, you risk never seeing it again. Get the real vintage Festival photos with a couple of disposable film cameras.
  • Talk to people. Between bands you’ll find yourself in the company of those with similar musical preferences, waiting to see the same band you are. Chances are, they’ll know about other bands you might want to see, and you them. Talk to your neighbour. Your weekend will be better because of it.
  • Take a moment to reflect. Grab a beer, find a quiet spot and sit down, take in the atmosphere; you’ve just seen the most amazing performance of your festival life. Don’t burn out at a festival, make sure you remember it!

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