Food Wars: When Global Cuisine Gets Competitive

by Matt Rawlings

Food is something that we all enjoy and certainly have preferences for, particularly when it comes to global cuisine. There is a long-standing debate over which type of cuisine is the best, whether Chinese takes the title or if Indian or Italian is the front-runner. Everyone has their own opinion and as a nation we can be slightly restrictive in terms of the food that we enjoy, many of us will find a type of cuisine we enjoy and stick with it, almost out of fear of trying something new.

This is why things like the Oliver Awards in Leeds are such a good idea. The awards identify a series of superb restaurants that offer the ideal dining experience regardless of the cuisine in which they specialise in. It aims to open people up to new food types by encouraging them to sample new delicacies from around the world on their own doorsteps.

More information on the Oliver Awards 2014 and the restaurants that are nominated for the prestigious award can be found at

When it comes to selecting the nominees and the eventual winner of any food award, we the public are not tasked with the decision. Instead the choice is left up to food critics, but surely anyone is able to become a critic by identifying the best restaurants and the finest foods?

Instead of just leaving the decision to the experts we are able to sample the menus of some of the best restaurants around, making up our own minds about what we consider to be good dining.

There is a certain amount of snobbery surrounding food and often it is this that stops us from broadening our dining horizons. Instead we should visit a full range of restaurants big or small, known or not, and pass judgement based on what we think rather than the opinion of the supposed food experts. Going out to eat is an experience in itself and can be the perfect opportunity to indulge in fine food adding the idea of socialising and entertainment into the mix.

The restaurants that are up for the award in Yorkshire cater for a range of food preferences including everything from soul food to French cuisine to Mexican. The food battle is certainly on; both with the Oliver Awards and the need for people to explore their food horizons and decide which global cuisine is to take the crown of being the best on offer.


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