Get an InterRail pass and visit lots of Festivals abroad!

England has some of the biggest and best music festivals around, however, what our fair isle doesn’t have is fair weather conditions. Sets are often interrupted by impromptu downpours and festival-goers left sodden and uncomfortable. It was well publicised that an electrical storm caused Glastonbury to cut off the power to the main outdoor stages, including the pyramid stage, at the festival this year causing Rudimental’s set to finish early. To catch some summer sunshine, Brits are heading abroad to see their favourite bands and artists as well as attending the festivals here in the UK. Big name events such as Tomorrowland in Belgium, Hide Out in Croatia and Benicasssim in Spain cater for a largely British taste, and it is possible to go to several festivals in one go with an InterRail pass. There are many advantages to taking the train instead of flying, no baggage allowance restrictions, the only limit is how much you can carry with you. It is also a better way to see more of the country as you travel between festivals in different countries. There is the possibility to make stop overs on the way and it is more likely you’ll mix with the locals or cross paths with other backpackers on the trains or in hostels. Many European trains, especially in France and Spain, have very high standard trains and fast lines between neighbouring countries, making for a comfortable and uncomplicated journey. The best bit of an InterRail pass is the complete flexibility it offers you. No need to panic if your plans change last minute, you are free to book different trains at no extra cost whenever you fancy, and if you miss a train you can just catch the next one. The only thing to be careful about is that there are seats available on trains that have assigned seating (this is usually the case in France). Buy your pass direct from the InterRail website or from your preferred rail operators website. If you do plan on staying in the UK read Peppermints pocket guide for surviving rain at a festival.   Article Written By Abby Ward

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