Glastonbury 2013: Will the Stones crumble under pressure?

For many years now Glastonbury Festival has been denied the presence of one of the most successful rock bands of all time. A band that would be the ultimate headliner for the one of the most reputable festivals in the UK, would have the potential to generate a sell out and performance that could be phenomenal. And this year, the dream of many is to become a reality, festival founder Michael Eavis has got it in the bag. Legends the Rolling Stones are to headline the festival this Saturday the 29th of July.

But with the pressure for the band to perform being bigger than ever, could it all be Doom And Gloom for the Rolling Stones?

The cracks may have started to show with reports of a row between the band and the BBC. Lead singer Mick Jagger didn’t want the set to be broadcasted on national TV, claiming the band wanted to play to the people of Glastonbury, not to a TV show. He demanded that the BBC only broadcast the first four songs but a recent agreement was made that an hour of the set will be televised.

Headlining live at such a highly regarded festival is stressful for any band, at £200 a ticket, festival-goers will expect bands to deliver, especially the headliners. With most band members of the Rolling Stones on the brink of 70 years old, it could be said that the pressure is too much.

However, if their recent release of their new single, ‘Doom And Gloom’, is anything to go by, then there is no reason to believe the band won’t be as spectacular as ever.

The single, which is widely popular, is to be a part of their new album ‘GRRR’, which mainly consists of their greatest hits. The band is also set to play two concerts in Hyde Park, London in July. Tickets for the event sold out within minutes of going on sale with prices ranging from £95-500.

The Rolling Stones clearly didn’t get such a brilliant reputation for nothing, if there’s a band who knows how to execute a rocking performance then it’s them. With fifty years of practice assured then who’s to say they will crack under pressure, after all they have probably played to every crowd possible.

Have the rock ‘n’ roll legends still got it? Their performance at Glastonbury has been long awaited. Only time will tell.

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