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Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is coming up and everybody is getting ready to dress up, watch scary movies and collect lots of sweets. Are you too old for trick or threating? No worries, Halloween is just another good excuse to do what we do every Saturday night: drinking!

No matter if you are organising a party at yours, heading to the local pub with friends or got tickets for a night out in some exclusive club – drinks are always involved, so why not try some Halloween themed cocktails? Here are just a few ideas…

If you are into vampires, probably the best thing to do is to go for a blood-coloured cocktail. Order something with cherry vodka, port wine or prepare your home-made bloody sangria with red wine, cherries and black grapes. Black currant base is also an option, just remember to stick with red!

Another must-have of Halloween is pumpkin. You can have something prepared with pumpkin spice liqueur, or pumpkin puree. If the vegetable is not really your cup of tea, you can just fake it with some orange juice base cocktail or mixing pineapple and cranberry – just remember to not spoil the secret!

Mixing spices, fruits and candies for a spooky cocktail must have a delicious result, but looks also count. So if you are offering coktails at your party, make sure they are served from a boiling cauldron. If you are at a bar, go for something decorated in a scary way (these eye-looking olives are just an example).

You also have to impress, so remember that you are drinking a “bloody eyeball Martini”, a “witch brewed cocktail” or a “zombie punch”.

Last but not least, remember to stay safe and drink responsibly!


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