Holi Festival of Colours London

The Holi festival is an Hindu religious festival celebrating the beginning of spring. Traditionally, people threw coloured and scented powder at each other as a symbol of farewell to winter and a commemoration of Hindu religious events.

More and more events and festivals inspired by the Holi concept have been spreading all over the world: from colour runs to Holi festival “replicas”, the motto is to have fun and get dirty in dyes.

Obviously London couldn’t be less so and a “Holi festival London edition” will take place in the UK capital on the weekend of 10th-11th of August.

Although the real celebration for Hindu people was back in March (when Spring was actually beginning), also the event in London (taking place at Battersea Power Station)”has the power to directly promote and foster equality and tolerance and bring people together“ (or at least, this is what is said on the event’s official website).

The festive-happy-coloured-carefree character of the festival has been threatened back in 2001, when studies conducted by environmental groups Toxics Link and Vatavaran showed the hazardousness of the coloured chemical powder which substituted the natural-made one used in the past.

One of the remedies suggested against the harm caused by these toxic substances is to “make your own colour”, but to avoid any problem festival organizers of the London edition will allow on site only powder bought directly at the festival: there is even a combo ticket option that allows participant to purchase five bags of colours together with their ticket.

No matter if it is to take cool Instagram pictures (we are sure you can get amazing shots even without a Sony Xperia phone, just follow our tips) or if it is just to get a bit of new colour on that boring white old t-shirt, this event will definitely be something different from the usual music festivals we are used to.

By Chiara Colombo

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