Hostels: coming soon to a green field near you

The Croatian startup “Nearby Hostel” have launched the world’s first mobile hostel on Indiegogo.

Designed to be transported on the back of a truck and set up in 30 minutes, the mobile hostel brings the practicality and affordability of city hostels to typically uncomfortable and muddy fields. Unlike ‘glamping’ tipis, the Nearby Hostel provides electricity, water, air-conditioning and heating, all under one roof.

Every Nearby hostel has 9 rooms with 26 beds. as well as clean toilets and smart showers that use up to 70% less water. Each room is well insulated and equipped with comfortable beds, TV, Wi-Fi, lockers, AC sockets and a fridge. And there’s no need to worry about hanging onto keys the whole time, guests can simply unlock the doors with a smartphone.  And you won’t have the worry of not finding where it is in the middle of the night. The Nearby App makes it a simple task to navigate back to the Nearby Hostel.

Nearby are hoping to raise over $100,000 so they can bring the mobile hostel to festivals all over the world.

With the average festival goer craving more luxury and comfort, are these pop-up hostels the future of festival camping?

To back the campaign, head to:

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