How many London museums can you visit in one go?

For the museum lovers amongst us, London is a real treat boasting hundreds of museums and galleries, both at a small cost and free of charge to enter. Whether you are fascinated by history, science or the arts, there is something for everyone, offering up a refined and cultural day out in the bustling capital. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, aided by the rich historic background, the infamous monarchy and diverse selection of attractions. If you are pushed for time because you’re only visiting London for a few days or you’re a local planning a jam-packed day of gallery hopping then you’ll need to know the best way of getting round as many museums in one go as possible! Read on to find out how to go on a whistle-stop tour of London’s best museums…

Most of the museums are conveniently placed alongside the Thames so it’s easiest to start in the West and work your way along the river to the East. Many of the major museums are situated in clusters making it easy to get through two or three at once.

Start off at South Kensington by discovering the ancient artefacts in The Natural History Museum, before moving onto The Science Museum to give your brain a workout then head to the V&A which is just a short walk away.

Take the tube to Russell Square for the Charles Dickens Museum to learn about one of Britons most celebrated authors. From here you can walk to the British Museum – its imposing architectural design is as much to be admired as the fascinating exhibitions inside. Hop back on the tube to St Paul’s for the Museum of London, this urban museum showcases the history of the capital. Whilst you’re in the area, check out the latest art exhibitions at The Tate Modern just over the other side of the millennium bridge.

Find out about Britain’s royal history by visiting The Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace. Once you’ve gawped at the ornate rooms, royal collections and treasures, you could even stop for a bite to eat in the outdoor tea room that looks out onto the palace’s beautiful garden.

Finally, end the day in the east of London at the Design Museum located near Tower Bridge, this is one of the best museums in the world that is devoted to contemporary and innovative design.

Invest in an Oyster card, which you can top up at any Underground station and use to get from A to B in the quickest and most cost effective way. You can also use Oyster on the buses and over ground lines.

If you have any suggestions on some great museums to visit in London, please leave some comments below.


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