How many units are you drinking at an event?

The government recommends that people should not regularly drink more than the daily unit guidelines of 3-4 units of alcohol for men and 2-3 units of alcohol for women. However, when you are out and about do you worry about how many units of alcohol you are drinking?  We can all safely say that even though we are given recommendations and guidelines of how much alcohol to drink, do we really stick to them and do we know when to stop?

Peppermint run bars at various sporting and corporate events, festivals and even have their own cocktail bar in south London. So we have had a front row seat when it comes to seeing punters take it that step to far. We ensure that strict guidelines are put in place so our staff do not sell alcohol to individuals who are over intoxicated.

This article will explore the facts of alcohol; what is a unit? How many units are there in one drink? How many units are you actually drinking at an event or festival?


One unit is 10 ml or 8g of pure alcohol.  According to health experts, it takes the average adult an hour to process one unit of alcohol so that there is no alcohol left in their bloodstream. This obviously can vary from person to person. One unit of alcohol is equal to a single measure of whisky (25ml, ABV 40%), a third of a pint of beer (ABV 5-6%) or half a glass of red wine (12%).


Here are some examples of how many units are in these drinks;

Cider: 1 x Pint Magners Cider (4.5%) = 2.6 Units

Lager: 1 x Pint Carlsberg (3.8%) = 2.2 Units

Wine: Rose wine; Jacob’s Creek Shiraz, Standard Glass, 175 ml (13.0%) = 2.3 Units

Alcopops: Smirnoff Ice (4.0%) Standard Bottle, 750 ml = 3 Units

Spirits: Absolute Vodka (40%) and Mixer (50 ml) = 2 Units


It’s scary when you look at these figures and think that actually, I drink twice, three times or even more this amount when I’m out enjoying myself. Alcohol consumption at festivals has increased massively since the 90’s. This was primarily associated with electronic music events, however it seems to be on the rise in all genres and events.


So enjoy yourself this summer by drinking responsibly and knowing your limits. Keep yourself hydrated (with water not just booze), eat substantial meals and don’t feel pressured to do 100 different shots when you are already seeing double.


Using the statistics above, tell us how much units of alcohol you think you usually would drink an event?


For more information and advice on Alcohol, head to Drink Aware site.


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