How to organise the perfect party

Want to plan the perfect party?

Planning the perfect party takes more than buying some fairy lights and ordering some cheap wine, here are a few points to consider to create that memorable party!


A themed event is the perfect way to get people talking and get your guests excitement for the party. Working with a theme can also be helpful for the event planner, you can then incorporate the theme throughout every aspect such as styling, entertainment, food, drink and decorations. Festival themed parties have become more and more popular over the years, why not try and recreate a mini Bestival in your back garden?


Make sure your invitations work with the theme you have chosen, the invitation can serve as a glimpse of the night itself and can be used to generate excitement. Think carefully about the design and format to ensure a consistent theme throughout your party, from start to end.

There are certain things you don’t want to miss out on the invitation; no one wants to get the date wrong! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Time and date- stick to these, there’s nothing worse for your guests when they’ve booked work off, arranged babysitters or put other plans on hold and you decide to change the date, time or just cancel the party altogether
  • Location- include directions or a map if it’s hard to get to and include information regarding parking or nearby public transport for those who won’t be driving. Also, adding the local taxi company could be a nice touch so that your guests can also begin making their own plans for the night.
  • Contact information- this will ensure you get RSVPs in plenty of time, but also gives your guests the opportunity to ask any questions they may have


The most important part of the party, the drink! There’s nothing worse than running out of alcohol half way through the night, a sure way to get people leaving early. First of all you’ll need to have plenty of ice, you can never have too much ice at a party! Consider the age range attending and the occasion to help you decide how much wine, beer and spirits to buy. Include soft drinks among your purchases too to ensure that there is an alternative available for those not drinking (…and for those who have had too much).

Alternatively you can consider a mobile bar company to avoid the stress of  how much drinks to buy and what your guests will be looking for; Peppermint Bars can take all the pressure away so you can enjoy your party carefree.


When considering entertainment you should again coincide this with your theme, depending on the scale of your event you can have anything ranging from DJs, live bands to dancers and circus acts.  The Corporate Entertainment Professionals offer a complete range of entertainment for small or large events with so much to offer. Complete with costume and the wow factor you can quite literally set sparks flying from your event!


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