How to Take Perfect Photos at a Festival

These days the average camera phone actually takes quite a good photo so you don’t have to have expensive gear and an enormous lens to take great pics. A camera phone or a cheap digital camera is all you need – besides who wants to carry a massive SLR camera around at a festival anyway? Here’s a list of peppermints Do’s and Don’ts for taking the perfect festival snaps.

DO use Instagram and other free editing apps such as A Beautiful Mess to enhance shadows on your face creating the appearance of cheek bones and banishing blemishes making for great profile pics but DON’T leave it all up to apps – the art of photography is much more than an old fashioned filter.

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DO frame your shot. Use other people, stages, Ferris wheels tents and anything else you can think of as a backdrop to frame your shot and show your surroundings -the key is to be creative!

DON’T take selfie’s. When your arm takes up half the photo and the angle is wonky it doesn’t make for a flattering or cool photo. Try offering to take another groups photo and then they’ll be more than happy to return the favour.

DO learn how to pose naturally. Make sure you smile, put one foot in front of the other to streamline your figure. You can also try putting your hand on your hip to make your arms appear slimmer.

DO make sure the sun is behind the camera, if it’s out that is!

DON’T be too happy snappy when it comes to uploading images onto social networking sites. Not everyone on Facebook wants to see pictures of your bottle of cider sitting on a bench but if you really want it for your own personal collection then snap away!

Do bring a tripod or monopod if you have space in your bag. If not, a flat and stable surface will do to minimise shake and blurriness in images to help you get beautifully soft evening shots.

Do follow the rule of thirds when composing shots. Found in nature the rule of thirds is appealing to the eye and is a fail safe way to ensure a good composition if you’re a beginner.

Don’t use your flash if you have a really pale friend as a flash will just exaggerate this making them look ghostly and no friend will thank you for that!

DO take lots and lots of photo’s after all practice makes perfect!

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