Introducing Peppermint’s Production Director, Robin Hassell

Here at Peppermint, we have an outstanding group of specialists that work in all corners of the events industry, be it practical, technical or creative. Our range of specialisms is what makes us so unique and enables us to collaborate and deliver for all kinds of brands and events.

This week we interviewed our brilliant Production Director, Robin Hassell to give you a behind-the-scenes take on Peppermint projects. 

Robin started working in the production and events industry 13 years ago and became part of Team Peppermint in 2008. He specialises in the undiscovered side of Peppermint and conceptualises, designs and implements our amazing branded assets and pop-ups. No matter the project, he’s got it covered.

“A typical day at Peppermint changes throughout the year depending on the number of projects we have on. In general a production project will involve designing, costing, proposing, managing the build, delivery and in some cases ongoing maintenance and logistics.

“When a new project comes on board it involves taking a brief, understanding the objectives, researching the market and designing a bespoke solution with an achievable budget. I work alongside suppliers, clients, designers and the Peppermint operations teams to achieve the best solution. The conceptualising process involves taking on board the clients’ requirements, both operational and in terms of customer reach, factoring in brand guidelines and taking into account the logistical requirements of working in outdoor events.

“Peppermint is unlike any other bar and events solutions company. We are constantly evolving and exist to deliver for our clients above everything else. We invest in the latest equipment and utilise the most innovative technologies to create great long-standing relationships with a whole range of clients and suppliers.

“From festival and concert bar operations, managing brand experiences, building assets, fixed venue management, food and beverage provision and providing sponsorship and branding services, we’re able to deliver a wide range of projects.

“I have spent the last 10 years with Peppermint working on some of the biggest and most exciting music festivals in the UK. Watching these events grow has been truly exciting and rewarding. I also love being part of a dedicated, flexible and hardworking team. It is my favourite part of the job. A great challenge has been redesigning our new mobile ATM fleet and this is proof that we have many strings to our bow.”

When Robin isn’t applying his many different talents to Team Peppermint, he enjoys anything music-related, loves travelling and is a very busy father to his two small children.

Robin is currently working with the Street Food Festival at Winter Wonderland and has some exciting new mobile bar assets in the pipeline. He is just one of the many specialists we have at Team Peppermint, and proves that we are certainly not a one-trick pony.

The Street Food Festival at Winter Wonderland 2018

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