Festival campers could soon be sleeping under cardboard

Following our previous blog post about a pop-up hostel for festivals, we’re taking a look at another new and exciting camping solution.

Dutch start-up Kartent have created a fully recyclable and waterproof tent, without the usual irritations of reusable, fabric tents.

According to Kartent, one in four tents are left behind at festivals, producing a huge amount of waste. The cardboard tent, on the other hand, is 100% recyclable, so campers can leave it behind knowing that it’ll be reused or recycled to create another tent.

With no guy ropes or fiddly zips in sight, the cardboard tent is a far easier solution for campers trying to locate their tents in the middle of the night on a packed campsite. And amazingly, they are waterproof for over 3 days of consistent rain, so you needn’t worry about it collapsing in the wet British weather.

Not only is it waterproof, but the cardboard material is also thick enough to keep the light out, so campers can sleep well knowing they won’t be woken by the first sign of daylight. A vent at one end allows plenty of fresh air, preventing it from becoming too hot inside.

Large batches of the tents can be printed on, allowing advertising for sponsors. Alternatively, campers decorate their tents to personalise them and make them easier to identify.

In the UK, the tents will be available at Wildfire Festival in June. We hope to see them rolled out across many more UK festivals in 2017. A larger size (above) will be trialed in festivals throughout Europe this summer.

With no set-up time and a very simple structure, could the cardboard tent spell the end of reusable, fabric tents and excessive festival waste?

For a full list of where to find them, head to the Kartent website or follow them at @KarTent_.


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  • Dave says:

    Interesting concept, what’s their fire safety like though?

    • Melissa Fawcett says:

      According to their website: “Setting our tent on fire is not easy as you think! And be honest: do you really think your average festival tent is fireproof? We don’t think so. If anything ever goes wrong, you are outside in seconds! And if it happens to be so that you have to flee over a dark festival camping, our tent does not have any guy ropes that can make you stumble. Pretty safe!”

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