Live Nation takes over GUILFEST in 2013

What does the future hold for GUILFEST in 2013?

For the last 21 years Stoke Park in Surrey has held rein to the family-friendly festival ‘GUILFEST’. It offered a relaxed friendly atmosphere with two stages of music and entertainment, stalls and food tents. However due to last year’s extreme weather conditions it went into liquidation due to poor ticket sales, even the headlining act, Tulisa failed to turn up. Scotty Events, GUILFEST’s organiser ended up in debts of around £300,000 with the Guilford Borough Council.

Major promoter Liver Nation, organisers of Download Festival, Wireless, Global Gathering, Hard Rock Calling, Lattitude, Leeds and Reading Festivals; will now hold a replacement event on the same site from 13-14 July with a similar family focused festival to GUILFEST. The Guildford Borough Council decision of replacing Guilfest has had both positive and negative feedback.

Tony Scott from Scotty Events has said to be surprised that Live Nation has been chosen to organise a replacement music event in Guildford this summer and he had hoped to resurrect Guilfest this year and was disappointed with the council’s decision. Scotty Events hope that GUILFEST will make a comeback one year and that this won’t be the end for this music event.

However, many have supported the council’s decision and said that a new event at Stoke Park may ignite this once popular festival and previously named ‘UKs Best Family Festival’ back to life. Live nation have revealed that the replacement summer festival in Guildford this summer with be the Magic Summer Live 2013, which will be held in Stoke Park on 13 and 14 July.

This music event is hosted by radio station Magic 105.4. They have already confirmed their Bryan Adams and Jamiroquai to be their headlining acts. Joss Stone, Soul || Soul, James Morrison will also performing on the main stage; the rest of the line-up shall be released shortly. Alongside the main stage there will be a West End stage with performances from musicals and shows!

What’s your thoughts on Live Nation taking over GUILFEST?


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