London Olympics 2012 – The ticket crisis: how has it been addressed?

By Dean Barker.

The Olympics arrives in Britain 2012! But why did so many people not get any tickets and how has the issue been addressed? Much to the delight of sport fans and culture vulture natives from all around Great Britain we put in a bid for the Olympics, and we won – great!? Or so many would have first thought.



With the Olympic Games, the greatest sporting event in the world, coming to our country this understandably sparked a lot of excitement around the nation. People with high hopes of being able to go see the games they most want to witness, within driving distance of their own homes for the first time in 64 years, whether an avid sports fan or just someone with a bit of an interest who had never really considered that they might in their lifetime attend an Olympic event.

Unfortunately for two-thirds of hopeful people who applied for tickets for next year’s games the old saying that ‘if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is’ fitted their situation a bit too realistically. The question on everyone’s lips to come from this and also being the biggest disappointment to most people is why did certain people manage to get a whole batch of tickets and why did most people not manage to get any. With 3.5m tickets to sell these where only received by a small comparison figure of 850,000 people, meaning if they had only sold one ticket to each of these people then they would still have 2650000 to dish out, which would have helped please people a great deal more.

To find out what I could do as a person who has myself applied for a selection of tickets for the games next year and found myself amongst the many unsuccessful candidates I called the official Olympic 2012 ticketing helpline, explained my situation and politely asked what I can do now to still be in for a chance of getting a ticket to go to the Olympic games next year; the results sounded hopeful but not something to get myself to exited about. 

I was told that I can still get tickets for the Olympic football or the Paralympics but if I want a ticket for a more specific event such as the diving, cycling or athletics then my best bet would be to wait for the re sale on January the 6th 2012 and hope for the best that enough people have returned tickets, so although it is a slim chance you still do have a 2nd chance, it may just pay to be a bit demanding and persistent with your attempts.

For those who don’t get tickets for the specific events which you wished for then you could buy a ticket to either the Olympic football or Paralympics even if this is not your number one on the list it could still be a great thing to see as it is very rare we have Olympic games of any kind in our country. Another thing that would be highly recommended to do besides from getting tickets for the games would be to just get yourself down London and join in with the buzzing atmosphere which will be surrounding the games; expect the streets to be pumping with lively pubs and bars, high spirits, lots of culture and tourism and street parties.

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