A music festival organised by Twitter…?

A MUSIC FESTIVAL organised through  Twitter will be staged in Northampton next month, giving musicians the chance to play music via the audience’s favourites via Twitter.

Its been named ‘Twurlitzer’ and will take place on March 24, 2011 at the Fishmarket Art Gallery in Bradshaw Street, Northampton and will take the form of a “live jukebox night”, giving people the chance to vote for their favourite songs.  Live bands will play the tunes with the highest votes.

This is part of “Twestival”, a global grass roots social media fundraising drive. Since 2009, volunteers have raised close to $1.2 million for 137 non-profit organisations.

All proceeds from Twurlitzer will go to charity CAN.

Catherine Hemelryk, who is co-ordinating the event comented: “Twurlitzer is about more than just fundraising – it’s about having fun and bringing the community together. It’s not just for Twitter people either, everyone is welcome to join in and enjoy an evening of live jukebox music performance, bringing a diverse combination of musicians together to play classic songs of your choice.

“The event is being organised by a small group of people who are in contact through Twitter. Some of us have never met before, but we’re all keen to help make sure that it will be a great night out and a way to raise some money in the process.”

This event is one of  29 towns and cities from the UK and Ireland taking part in “Twestival Local 2011”, joining communities from all over the world.

For more details, including information on how to get involved, go to or

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