Not to be Missed Burlesque Events

If the glitz and glamour of the striptease has captured your imagination, you might want to catch one of the many unique burlesque events on offer in 2014. With so much variety there is something for everyone, and for a more authentic burlesque experience you can really get into the spirit of things with the costumes and accessories available at

The eighth annual International Festival of Burlesque is set to take place in London in 2014. Incorporating the World Burlesque Games, the festival promises 11 days of glitter and fun. The line up will feature ‘twisted cabaret’ to cast light on the usually hidden ‘underbelly of the scene’. The weird and wonderful will contrast with the bizarre and beautiful in these alternative performances. Attendees can also look forward to the Varie-TEASE shows which blend classic golden-era burlesque with slapstick and novelty acts. Giggles and gags galore are on offer from this good old-fashioned combination of burlesque, quirky cabaret, comedy and circus.

For those after something a little more unusual, you might want to try an Afternoon Tease, something now being offered by leading burlesque venues across the globe. Enjoy cakes, a cuppa, and a healthy dollop of cabaret on the side.

Or perhaps Star Trek burlesque is more your thing? Gorilla Tango Theatre is becoming famous for its geek girl burlesque shows. Paper-thin plot lines allow plenty of room for the real star of the show – the striptease. Comedy one-liners like “Set phasers to Stunning!” never get old.

Themed burlesque is becoming more and more popular with shows like ‘Cherry Potter and the Wizard of Burlesque’ and the Disney inspired ‘Burlesqueland’ drawing large crowds. Burlesque performers often draw on films to give a show something different, but increasingly they are also looking to gaming and anime, Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation, for ideas.  Zelda, Sailor Moon and even Pokémon’s Pikachu have all taken centre stage for burlesque performances.

The Australian Burlesque Festival is held in June each year and tours the country with some of the best known performers. The brainchild of Melbourne burlesquers Dolores Daiquiri and Rosy Rabbit, the event features home-grown talent as well as international acts. Renowned for its avant-garde style and penchant for the theatrical, Australian burlesque has a flourishing global reputation. The festival combines sizzling showcases with competitions and workshops for those looking to brush up on their burlesque skills.

The Perth International Burlesque Festival follows immediately after the Australian Festival and in 2014 is embarking on its third year running. A two-week-long event with shows, late night parties, markets, and workshops, this is being billed as a chance to get some close-up insight into the burlesque community and see the creative process in action.

For the more competitive amongst us there are the annual Burlympics held in Los Angles, California. These games, where competitors fight for fame, glory and gold, pit the very best of burlesque against each other. Regional heats are held across the world to find the finest acts from Colorado to Milan, Berlin to Auckland. Last year’s winner was the nipple tassel swinging extraordinaire Pearl Lux.

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