Peppermint goes Crazy this Winter

By James Calder

After two years of planning, promoter Harvey Goldsmith has brought the Parisian risqué show “Crazy Horse” to London’s Southbank. It runs until 22nd December.

Harvey has teamed up with London based bar experts Peppermint, to supply all drinks, hospitality and front of house service through their Peppermint Premium service. The bar on entrance is a grand affair, clad in solid oak with an impressive mirrored back bar that really makes you feel you’ve just stepped into a secret underground venue in Paris.Harvey spent some time trying to find the right venue in London, but nothing quite ticked all the boxes  and so decided to build it himself. It’s housed inside a impressive traditional Spiegel tent and dressed from head to toe in blackout cloth, low level red lighting and opulent theming.

Champagne is the drink of choice here, with everything from Moët & Chandon to Dom Pérignon proudly lining the fridges, but try the French Martinis too they are very impressive. Once called into the seated area another impressive oak-clad bar greets you and the lighting dims even further.  Waitresses service the 450 seated guests, before the performance and subtly in-between some of the mini acts.

This show is some spectacle. Split into two distinctive halves (you must see the 2nd half!) the girls are jaw dropingly talented – admittedly not wearing much – but  in a tasteful and classy manor.  The mini acts each tell a different story, some more obvious than others – but certainly provoke thought. The lightshow is skilfully produced and every bit of choreography is fluidly performed to perfection. I took along my girlfriend – albeit somewhat apprehensively – but she loved every minute of it.

Crazy Horse is located on Doon Street on London’s Southbank open until 11.30pm every day apart from Monday. Two performances on Thurdsay – Saturday.


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