Peppermint helping developing countries with Life Water

THE FOUNDER of Life water couldn’t understand how the UK could be importing a BILLION LITRES of bottled water while 38,000 children were dying a week without clean drinking water.

As 2011 draws to a close, it’s the perfect moment to look back on the year that has passed and reflect on the year gone by.

In 2005, Life was established, to offer a brand of bottled water that acted responsibly on behalf of its consumers and its world. Every drop that is sold is matched by Life providing an equal ammount of drinking water communities in third world and developing countries. Simon Konecki from Life comments: “You can be rest assured that the bottle is fully recyclable and has used the lightest weight plastic. It is produced and delivered 100% carbon neutrally and is bottled from beneath organic land.”

Recycled Art Sculpture at Bestival Life Water Drinking Well

Part of Life’s strategy is getting involved with UK Music Festivals – not only supplying them with product – but other initiatives such as using recyled bottles to create art sculptures and encourage recylcing at events like Bestival.

One of Life biggest supporters is Peppermint Bars who have supported the product at festivals for over 4 years and helped forge a supply relationship with one of the UK festival industry’s biggest drinks supplier, Carlsberg UK. As a company they have been responsible for delivering thousands of people clean drinking water and promoting the ethics of Life wherever they go. So far, Peppermint have donated over a million litres of clean drinking water.

Thanks to work like this, Life is now at most of the major and smaller festivals around the UK.

To date sales of Life water have funded water projects in India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Nicaragua, Senegal and Cambodia donating over 50 million litres of clean water to date. The charity will have given at least 50,000 people clean water for life by the end of 2011

Life Water Drinking Well. The charity will have given at least 50,000 people clean water for life by the end of 2011.

Their mission becomes even more tangible when new research and efficiency means that many of their projects and can give a person clean drinking water for Life for as little as £1.

Expect to see Life Water at a festival near you in the summer summer.

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