Peppermint’s Tastiest Cocktails

We’ve had a bit of practice over the last 10 years and we like to think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to making good cocktails. We love to experiment and constantly refine our list – without any rules, only that they taste good!  At most of our mobile bars at festivals or events we offer a cocktail menu or a cocktail bar. Yes, when it comes to festival bars lager, cider and spirits are the most popular choices  – but we like to think that the work we’ve done in the festival bars market has helped customer to “expect” a cocktail bar rather than be impressed with one. That’s why we constantly evolve our lists, showcasing new and exciting drinks at every show we work it. They tend to take a little longer to whip up than a standard drink, but we think it’s worth the wait – and we always insist on building the drink in front of the customer for the theatre and freshness, but we don’t like keeping you waiting too long… We’ve developed our systems and bar layouts and our mixologists are so well trained, our fresh Mojito’s can be whipped up in 15 seconds!

What some don’t know is that our mixologists – like the sugar in a mojito – are a small part of the ingredient when it comes to the end product. Not only do we have the “front line” staff but back of house teams who are a key component (the “glue”) in the production of our drinks, as are prep staff. Prep staff essentially prepare all the cocktail ingredients for the bar servers to ensure a prompt service for our customers. When creating the best cocktails for our customers, if they don’t pass the test from the back of house managers– we won’t be serving them!

The back of house managers are the unsung heroes here. They ensure that every drink has the correct proportions of gomme, mint, sugar – whatever – and they constantly random test to ensure the quality. Some assume that because the cocktails are made in a field or on and island somewhere that they cannot taste as good as a London bar for example, we disagree! We are 100% confident our drinks would match up to any cocktail bar in the UK – there’s a challenge eh!

Our cocktail menu varies dependant on the event and what our clients want, but the general rule is that anything’s possible – and we LOVE a challenge.


So much so, that we’ve transferred all our knowledge from pouring the best cocktails in the UK at festivals for the last ten years to our very own The 3 Monkeys Bar in Balham – a permanent cocktail bar and basement Lucky Voice Karaoke Room – and you can have anything from a chocolate vodka shot to a flaming Monkey Punch. For a list of The 3 Monkeys drinks list head here.

 What’s your favourite cocktail? Post it below and we’ll design a new variant of it for you!

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