Peppermint’s work with Life Water Charity

When we shower, cook, clean the dishes and drink from the tap we take clean running water for granted. Well, we should also be aware that this is not the case for many people in the world – more than what we think.

More than 700 million people in the world do not have access to safe water, more than 1 million children every year die due to water related illnesses and women and children walk collectively  about 900 million miles a day to collect water. As a matter of fact, the introduction of safe and clean water sources in a community has highly positive impacts: the health of the community is improved, children who spent a lot of time to go get water can spend it at school and every 1$ invested creates a return between 3 and 4 $. For more water water crisis facts, check out this page.

Yerragudi Old Water Source

Drop 4 drop funds projects to bring sustainable water solutions to the people who needs it the most, by involving the community in the project they also create a sense of ownership and pride. They also provide training and hyghiene education programs.

Last summer Peppermint quenched the thirsts of millions of people at events like British Summer Time  and it made them think what could be done good for other people in the world, who are experiencing a very different type of thirst to the one we get at music festivals? So Peppermint has supported Life Water over the past 8 years, and most recently enabling Drop 4 Drop to start a project for a well in the Yearragudi community in Andhra Pradesh, India. 1,200 people live in the community and will benefit from an easily accessible water source that will change their life – allowing time for school, work and development.

To date Peppermint has donated in excess of 3 million litres of clean water to developing countries.

Keep an eye on Drop 4 Drop projects to see Peppermint’s well and other communities. Want to join the #cleanwaterforall mission? Get involved here

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