PopUpArena launches portable rugby stadium

Innovative mobile sports arena specialist PopUpArena has announced two brand new products for April 2015 at this month’s Event Production Show at London’s Olympia. Used together they offer a viable way to temporarily transform a tarmacked playground or car park into a playable rugby arena. The Portable Rugby Pitch and Lightweight Mobile Grandstand may not be used for Rugby World Cup matches in October, but their release couldn’t be better timed for the surge in interest in playing at all levels that’s bound to be inspired.

The unique PopUpArena system consists of modular elements designed to be used independently or together to create an instant sports arena, which to date has been arranged around a portable interlocking tiled playing court or track made of 11mm high density EVA foam with a 7mm textile playing surface and suitable for athletics, football, hockey, tennis, cricket, volleyball and basketball. New for the rugby version is a realistic four tone polyethylene tufted textile synthetic grass surface on a 20mm XPE foam shock pad which meets the stringent World Rugby head impact criteria. The company believes it is now able to supply a portable rugby pitch which is not only IRB regulation 22 compliant and easy to transport and deploy, but also closely matches the experience of playing on a permanent pitch.

PopUpArena was already able to supply both player and audience seating units to complete the stadium experience, but has now created a new, slightly smaller, all aluminium, lightweight 125 seats version specifically designed to be towed by a 4×4 and fit into even the most awkward spaces. These portable grandstands are already proving useful not only with the pop up pitches for one-of events like school sports days or local match fixtures but also to add flexible audience capacity at permanent facilities. Surbiton Hockey Club, for example, which has two first class pitches, uses one PopUpArena portable unit with 120+ seats to meet shifting demand for seating, regularly repositioning it using a mini tractor. We can imagine these handy units being equally useful for creating pop-up open air theatres or concert bowls in parks or woods, on beaches or in urban spaces like pedestrianised city centres.

So, if you’re planning a one-off beach volleyball tournament or hope to establish a local friendly rugby league, check out PopUpArena’s range of hydraulic spectator grandstands, team seating, stages and pitches, floodlights and perimeter banners, which can be either bought or hired.

Where would you like to stage a pop-up rugby match?

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