Glamping and beyond – posh festival accommodation

Do you ever hear yourself saying you’d love to go to a music festival but you couldn’t face the squalid campsite? Not all festival campsites are squalid (though, we admit, some are pretty bad..) and many festivals, like those in the Bestival family for example, make a special effort to make your home-from-home pleasant and welcoming.

But if you’re simply not the outdoor type, it may be time to take another look at greenfield festival accommodation. You’d be amazed how much home comfort is available onsite these days – from boutique camping options like your own tipi or yurt to full-on B&B hotels. We take a look at a few of the more intriguing examples.


Hobbit Hut 

What? One of many variants on the lockable wooden chalet theme, this rounded, bark-clad rustic version looks like it was made from a huge hollowed-out log.

Features: Wooden beds, heating, electrical sockets, locking door.

Why we like it: Hard to imagine it getting blown away.

Capacity: Two human-sized partygoers.

Where? Masked Ball (and their sister Halloween party).


Not the RIP Metal Hotel! pic: Hope Wisechild

Cosy Cube 

What? A tiny bedroom inside a huge, handmade, fireproof, waterproof canvas dice. The roof is slightly angled to drain rainwater away from the entrance.

Features: Inflatable bed, headroom, lighting, hanging space, duckboard for wellies.

Why we like it: Simple solution if you like to dress up.

Capacity: Two (or one with a ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes).

Where? Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Bestival, Camp Bestival and others.



What? Podpads’ octagonal fusion of bell tent with wooden walls and floor and tipi-poles supporting a peaked roof. Loads of shared space to hang out in.

Features: Slatted wood and foam beds, carpet, lighting, electrical sockets, hanging space, locking door.

Why we like it: A civilised social space with a perfect festy vibe.

Capacity: Four, very comfortably.

Where? Reading & Leeds, Latitude, WOMAD, Love Supreme, Sonisphere, Hop Farm and many others.


RIP Metal Hotel

What? Not a serviced tent in a posh private field but a chic, miniature hotel room with en-suite and continental breakfast, right on site.

Features: Bunk beds, shower, toilet, television, climate control, storage space and card-locking door.

Why we like it: Every rocker needs somewhere to wash their hair.

Capacity: Two, in compact luxury.

Where? Download.

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