Pukkelpop: Recovering from tragedy

by Claire Rose

The popular Belgian music festival Pukkelpop, which has featured acts such as Placebo, Snow Patrol, Blink 182, The Kooks etc. with the headline acts for this year were set to be Eminem, Foo Fighters and the Ting Ting’s., is set to go ahead for 2012 after a violent freak storm hit the festival in 2011 causing a stage to collapse, four people to be killed and 70 injured on the opening day of the festival.

Following on from the incidents of this year at the festival charities have been created called ‘The Support Fund for the Victims of the Pukkelpop Storm’ and the ‘National Disaster Fund’ to help those and victims’ families who were affected by the incidents this year.

The festival, which consists of 8 stages, over 60,000 punters, a mixture of bands and DJ’s and sideshows, over the period of three days, will take place on the 16-18th of August next year. Food and Drink vouchers are being offered to those who were affected to this year’s cancellation for the next three years.  Organisers in a statement said “The festival will only be able to survive with the support of many and thanks to the strong reputation it has built up in the past.”

Speculation and rumours over ticket sales, popularity, funding and health and safety issues will be the festivals main problem next year, though the festival and its organisers ensure that the festival will return to its ‘original form’ in 2012.

For more information on 2012’s Pukkelpop Festival, visit:

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