Roger Daltry slams Festival TV coverage

Veteran Rocker Roger Daltry has ruffled feathers in the media world by claiming that TV coverage of festivals makes him “want to puke.”

"Daltrys comments have sparked debate"

Speaking to BBC radio Scotland, the Singer who is currently on tour performing as part of The Who’s Rock Opera ‘Tommy’,  is quoted as saying; “Most of the festival stuff makes me want to puke. It’s wall-to-wall stuff and the artists get very little money from it[….]Most of the mystique is taken away.”

Despite enjoying viewing figures that increased by nearly three million on 2010, BBC’s festival coverage for Glastonbury had already started a heated debate after what audiences want from their festival coverage. Critics and viewers alike rushed to twitter to complain almost causing the popular site to crash after  prime time presenters Zane Lowe and Lauren Laverne shocked with their  apparent inability to get along and popular Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley silenced Bono midway through a sentence to cut to a link instead: watch here .


It is TV moments like this that have caused some of the most discussion about festivals this summer, which appears to be the matter at the heart of Daltrys frustration. So what do you think? Is too much emphasis placed on TV production values rather than the acts? Can you ever really capture the atmosphere of a festival via TV?


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