Rum & Beer: A match made in heaven

We all know the qualities of two of Britain’s favorite tipples: beer’s malty or hoppy character, and dark rum’s luscious vanilla and syrupy flavours. At some point these two quality drinks met and crossed over; the result is something truly extraordinary.

Combined, these beers are craft-quality and something to truly savour. Packed with flavour, higher in alcohol and bit of spicy complexity I highly recommend giving beer and rum pairings a try.

To give you a place to start, I’ve picked two excellent and widely-available beers. The first, Scotland’s Innis & Gunn have added their oak-aged flagship beer to a rum cask, soaking up rich flavours of rum into its ruby, fruity body. The second is from the famous brewery Wadworth, who brewed the stunning Swordfish beer to support the 100 year anniversary of the Fleet Air Arm.

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Oak Aged Beer, 6.8%

A ruby red ale that’s been matured in oak and finished with a selection of “specially-selected” rums, this is rich, full-bodied and delicious. It’s dark caramel in colour, with toast aromas on the nose.

In the mouth it’s immensely rich, with lots of dried fruit flavour such as prunes, dates and raisin. On top of this is smooth, yummy vanilla from the rum cask and an oaky, wood-like layer that makes the beer even more seductive. A few bubbles but not gassy.

Great quality brewing.

Wadworth Swordfish, 5.0%

A little lighter than the Innis, but still that full bodied and caramel colour. It’s also a lot more still, with the bubbles fine and smooth in the mouth – this does make it a little richer though.

It’s a mix of delicious Wadworth beer with Pusser’s Navy dark rum. The end product is a bready, raisin beer that’s smooth and with hoppy – rather than oaky – complexity.

Incredibly yummy beer that’s much better off the tap than in the bottle, so go visit your nearest pub that stocks it and give it a try.


By Ben Franks –

Photos By: Niamh Harkett

Edited By- Laura Thompson


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