Summer of Cocktails

Soak up the sun and put your feet up at home or abroad. Here’s two truly fantastic cocktails to enjoy in one of Britain’s warmest summers on record.

One of the most popular concoctions when the weather’s good is the gin and tonic, a classic renowned for its refreshing and light taste that makes the most of natural herbal character. We can do one better than that.

Meet the Wild Cucumber cocktail. Hendrick’s gin – a luxurious and flavoursome spirit – is combined with cucumber and elderflower that work to bring out the flavours and cleanliness of the spirit. As refreshing on the eye as chilled cloudy lemonade, it’s as light as the gin and tonic but with a smooth, squash-like texture.

Mixed gently and served in a martini glass, it’s definitely one to look out for. If you don’t have time to infuse gin with cucumber yourself, then try buying one of the ready-infused spirits like Gordon’s Cucumber gin.

If you don’t fancy gin so much, there’s an alternative perfect for you. Going the sweeter route rather than herbal, my local bar’s Grape and Elderflower Caipirinha is a super choice. Unlike the classic mojito, the Cairpirinha favours the sugar Brazilian spirit Cachaca instead of rum.

This spirit choice leads to a slightly juicier cocktail where the lime is pleasantly sweet, with grape juice notes cutting through the citrus. The Cachaca’s sugar origins also brings through a caramel-like length, which combines with the alcohol and makes the cocktail both warm and refreshing.

Even if you’re a lover of mojitos, it might be worth ordering a Caipirinha the next time you’re at your local bar… you may discover a new personal favourite.


Written by Ben Franks,, @Writer_Franks

Photography by Niamh Harkett

Edited by Laura Thompson 


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