Technology in the Events Industry

By Laura Randall


How mobile apps and social media are changing the events industry.


Ten years ago the events industry was simple. A critic would publish a restaurant review or a gig write-up and depending on his opinion you would either rush to make a booking or sit back and not consider it again. Now reviews are everywhere and they’re appearing in an instant. A slating of a starter can be uploaded and viewed by hundreds before the waiter’s even had a chance to clear your plates and the same can be said for all kinds of social events across the world.


It’s all down to mobiles, apps and social media and the world of socialising has now been revolutionised into a highly criticised and very public experience. Unlike the old days where a manager could send an apologetic letter and a complimentary bottle of wine to fend off the bad reviews, they now need to be offering first class service, all the time.


The world has drastically changed and now anybody with a laptop or mobile phone and a blog, Tumblr or Facebook is an event reviewer with a listening audience.


For the consumers, this can only be a good thing. Bands need to stay in key, christmas markets need to be sparkling every night of the week and restaurants need to keep their food top class for every dish. Once again technology is bringing a new transparency to the world and even though it means more work for some of us, really, it can only be a thing to look forward to.


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