The Festival Goer’s Winter Events Survival Guide

The summer festival season has long finished and the bitter winter is sinking its sharp teeth in for next few months. We might be swapping summer dresses and picnics in the park for woolly mittens and icy roads but there is a surprising amount of outdoor fun to be had with the festive season on the horizon. From firework displays to Christmas lights on and events such as Winter Wonderland it’s the perfect opportunity to grab all of your former festival buddies, buy a ticket and get the festival vibes back once more! Let’s not let a small obstacle like the elements get in our way… read on to discover some outdoor winter events survival guide tips.

Keep shivering to a minimum by having a small dose of alcohol close by in a well hidden hip flask to take the edge off the bitter cold (and keep your spirits high!). One delicious way of doing this is with a “grown up” hot chocolate, just add a hair-raising amount of your chosen liqueur to a normal hot chocolate. Cinnamon liqueur, brandy or long-time favourite bailey’s coffee liqueur will go down a treat!

You might have thought that your festival gear will all be left to gather dust until next summer but wellies and rain macs are essential items all year round unfortunately! It’s very likely that these events will be held in muddy fields or just on a day that it rains so don’t forget to be prepared! And make sure you wrap up warm too so the weather doesn’t ruin your evening.

Bring the party with you! If the event you’re going to doesn’t have music relive your favourite festival tunes by getting a friend to bring some speakers to plug your Ipod into then have a party. All the moving around will get you warmed up in no time and you may even get onlookers getting involved!  

Don’t forget your cash! How are you supposed to sample the street food, greasy burgers, mulled wine or even have a laugh in the mirror maze without a little bit of dosh? These events can be a bit of a drain on your wallet but if you have your friends with you it’s worth splashing out a little to make the most of your evening and get you in the festive spirit!


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