The Most Obscure Events Abroad

The human race is a strange thing. No matter how hard we work to achieve things in life, whether this be academically or socially, everyone needs to enjoy themselves, be a bit crazy and have a spot of fun from time to time.  What is the point of life if you’re not going to live it? Fun can be found in the most eccentric and extraordinary ways, whether this be from rolling around at a mud festival or participating in the world’s biggest food fight, when it comes down to it, if it makes you happy, who cares what you’re doing? An American author named Mark Twain once said:

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

So what obscure lengths do people from around the world go to for a bit of fun? Here is a taster at how wacky the human race can be.

Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea- Established in 1998, the festival developed from an event promoting mud cosmetics. Nowadays the yearly festival attracts millions of people who enjoy rolling around in mud and getting covered from head to toe in the stuff. Not only does the festival look like a whole lot of fun but the mud is good for your skin and is full of minerals.

La Tomatina, Spain- Also known as the world’s biggest food fight, this festival which is held every year on the last Wednesday of August, has become quite the tradition in Spain. Last year, 50,000 people gathered in the streets to take part in the every man for himself battle which consists of a large food fight with over-ripe tomatoes.

Mike the Headless Chicken’ Festival, Colorado- We all know Americans can be excessive sometimes but this festival takes things to a whole new level. In Colorado, Americans gather in honour of the late chicken, Mike, (who, yes, lived without a head) to celebrate the chickens life. The festival includes playing chicken games, doing chicken dances and a contest for the best chicken recipe.

Fingerhakeln, Austria- Translated to ‘finger-wrestling’, the event which is hosted in the Alpine region of Austria, consists of competitors fighting with their fingers only, over a table. The winner is the person who manages to pull its opponent over the table using nothing but a bear finger.

Hindu Fire-walking Festival, Asia- This event takes place in countries scattered all over Asia. The ritual is carried out as a religious vow, where the daring individual walks across white hot coals, wearing nothing on their feet. Ouch! Once the individual has made it across the coals, they are granted a wish or blessing from their goddess, Draupadi.

Running Of The Bulls, Spain- Another crazy Spanish tradition, this one seems a lot more daring than the last, certainly not for the faint hearted. Originating from the 14th Century, participants are chased through the streets by wild and raging bulls as part of a festival that takes part every year.

Wife-Carrying World Championships, Finland- Although the roots of this event comes from the history of men stealing women from the local village, nowadays couples come from all over the world to compete, voluntarily. The men battle to see how fast they can complete the challenging track, carrying their partner.

Roswell UFO Festival, New Mexico– Do you believe in aliens? Every year UFO enthusiasts gather to celebrate the unidentified objects which have been debated over for years. What is actually out there and have there been happenings that are still unexplained?

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