The perks of volunteering or working at a festival

By Hope Wisechild

Some perks are common to most festival roles, voluntary or paid. Here are just a few we know about:

Free entrance

If you agree in advance to work at a festival you can reasonably expect your ticket as part of the deal. Some employers ask for a deposit equal to the price of entry.

You don’t even have to miss any bands. Join the set-up or clean-up crew and work before or after the event, or clean toilets on festival mornings. But don’t underestimate the buzz of working peak hours – some people consider it a perk to be at the heart of the festival fun.

Better camping

Most festival workers can expect extra security around their living space. If you work for a small trader at a big festival your workplace might back onto a trader’s compound with staffed gates and its own toilets. A bigger team, like bar staff, stewards or litter crew, often has a dedicated camping area which might feature toilets, showers, catering, lockers and sheltered communal spaces.

 Food and drink

If you work for a caterer, you’re likely to be fed, at least while on shift. Other employers often provide meals or food vouchers as part of their terms. Some teams get access to subsidised cafes or bars. This can really cut your living costs, and no more queuing for hours at that burger van near the main stage.

Meet people

Lasting friendships are often formed among festival workers because the experience can be intense. Your role may be challenging but there’s nothing so satisfying as getting a tough job done as part of a lively and supportive team. And that’s just your workmates. Many festival roles involve interacting with a wide range of festivalgoers, which can be great fun. Some may even have you rubbing shoulders with the stars.

Boost your CV

Working at a festival can be an opportunity to demonstrate you’re a hard-working team player with a responsible, disciplined attitude. You may receive training or use your specialist skills. According to careers site, a new graduate or school-leaver can really impress a potential employer by taking on a festival role.



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