The Return of Fleetwood Mac?

With the festival hype on its way, there is speculation as to whether Fleetwood Mac will be the headliners of festivals up and down the country after the band announced that they are likely to extend their tour.

The tour originally started in North America but with an encouraging reaction from fans, the band decided to add more shows, extending the tour in America and branching out to Canada. The band is set to perform at the New Orleans Jazz Fest at the end of April, along with a bunch of huge names including The Black Keys and Earth, Wind and Fire. The band stated that if things continue to go well, a tour of Europe and Australia is more than possible.

The infamous band established in the late sixties, is known all over the globe for its brilliant rock music which refuses to grow old. In recent years the band has returned to a tour which showcases their greatest hits, with their last album, ‘Say You Will’ released back in 2003. There is no denying that in past years the band has achieved and maintains a status as a classic and timeless band.

Fleetwood Mac – Say You Will

With its absence from the festival scene last year, Glastonbury will be pulling out all the stops to ensure its headliners are nothing less than show-stopping but unfortunately Fleetwood Mac won’t be part of this. In a Radio 1 interview, the band explained how they turned down the opportunity to perform at the festival but did say they would like to take part next year, if the offer remained.

So does this mean we’re likely to see the band rocking in the UK this summer? There have been rumours that 2013 is the year of Fleetwood Mac but it is uncertain if a tour of Europe would only give place to one or two concerts in the UK.  It has been confirmed that there will be UK shows in autumn and Mick Fleetwood has hinted at the release of new music.

Although the rejection of Glastonbury may have come as a disappointment to Fleetwood Mac fans, the future looks bright and only time will tell what tricks the band have hidden up their sleeve. Watch this space.


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